• Image of Block Print Bee Flag

Each flag is a "block print" from a hand-carved linocut stamp. White block printing ink ensures a thick, embossed feel that pops off the cotton flag and adds visual texture. These can be hung banner-style on rope or twine or individually on rods or wire. My favorite is to mix and match the colors and hang them like prayer flags throughout my home to brighten it up through the winter months!

A linocut print is very similar in look and process to a woodcut. The design is drawn on and then hand-carved for out each image. However with linocut the medium is a hard linoleum-mounted block instead of wood. The flag fabric is pressed to a carved stamp that is primed with block printing paint, rubbed, and pulled off to dry. I love doing prints this way because, unlike screen-printing which is fast and uniform, this process results in each print being unique and unreproducible with that handmade feel. Designing and carving out the stamp myself also gives it a very unique style that simply drawing can't produce.

Price is for 9" x 12" individual flag print, string not included. Available in red or navy.